Central Registry of Administrative Buildings

The Central Registry of Administrative Buildings (CRAB) is a national system that keeps records of administrative buildings owned and used by the state.

The system is intended mainly for state institutions. It provides them with an overview of available and occupied administrative areas owned by the state so that this property can be used in the most effective manner.

Benefits of the CRAB system for state institutions:

- Detailed information on buildings owned by the state

- Up-to-date overview of costs and revenues connected with individual buildings

- Accurate information on measurements of buildings, including their plans

- Up-to-date overview of available office space and other premises

- Overview of state institutions and non-governmental entities which are seated in state buildings

- Overview of non-governmental entities which own buildings leased to the state

- Possibility to assess effectiveness of the relevant administrative premises (for example based on the parameter per employee)

- Individual parameters of individual administrative buildings and individual state institutions may be monitored 

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